Did you know that if you smile every day, find something to laugh about, you’ll feel immensely better?  It’s true, and so will everyone around you.  Try it!

So, here it is Tuesday.  It’s been a busy few days.  My friend Melida is moving in eight days, and we are having a going away party for her this weekend.  What a sad feeling–saying good bye.   Have you ever had to watch friends move away?  It’s just not much fun for those who are left behind. 

Chip is going with the youth group to lunch today…Penn Station, I think.  Parker and I will grab a sandwich and eat at the church while I go over material with my friend Melida.  I’ve agreed to, and have been led I believe, to lead our children’s Bible Study program on Wednesday nights this year.  It is such a privilege anytime God uses you, you know?  It’s like He’s saying, “I really trust you.”  Wow!  Now I just have to get some of my adult friends to help lead these sweet children. 

I’ve walked the dog, taking out the recycling, and now I need to exercise.  I’ve been using that “Gazelle” from the T.V. ads.  That and the 6-Second Abs take up about 35 minutes of my day.  God is just blessing me right and left, though, and I don’t want to miss a thing! 

Hope you’re having a great day and remembering to take time to ask God where He needs you to be working. 

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