It’s already time to call it a day!  10:00 is late enough for me–I know, some of you kids can stay up until two in the morning and sleep until noon.  Take it from me, that’s hard on a girl’s or guy’s body!

Chip saw Dr. Dixon today, and we spent a good portion of our morning at the hospital getting x-rays taken.  It turns out that he has sinus problems–probably an infection.  So, Dr. Dixon has prescribed an antibiotic for the next week and a half. 

I took Parker to buy new shoes for tennis and for everyday.  He was thrilled.  Chip had match-play at the racquet club, so he’ll have to go with us another day.  Of course, Chip has PLENTY of shoes to last for a little while longer. 

Garrett is spending the night with Parker tonight, but I’ll have to get them to bed before it gets too late.  It’s hard to have a cheerful busy day when you have cranky crabby kids, you know.

Hope everyone else is having a great week.

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  1. I Miss Steen! I do believe it is you! This is Casie from down the street (corner of bowers and throne) I have no clue how I found this but just saying hello!! Have a wonderful day!

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