It was nice to get back to church tonight.  Routines are nice, yet sometimes I suppose they become too much of a routine.  Joe was at dinner tonight–what a nice surprise for all of the kids, and the adults for that matter.  He’s in town because of the Passion ’06 conference in Nashville.  What a great conference it has been, from what I’ve heard and seen on the news.  We hear so many kids talking the talk about God, but I hope that events like this will help them to walk a walk that honors their Lord and Savior.  It’s easy to talk about it, though, isn’t it?  What about when you’re faced with crummy stuff…bad news, lost love, sickness, or something else?  How has your faith held up for you then?  Father, I pray that you will strengthen me, that you will strengthen my young friends as they face difficult situations—that they can see you for who you are:  their bulwark never failing. 

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  1. tennisgrl457 says:

    Hey mrs. steen!!!!!! it was sooo nice to hear from u!!! tennis is goin great & i cant wait 4 season with coach martin to start!! lol c ya around!!! ~kelly~

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