I can’t wait to see the boys today.  After having them home for two weeks, I was glad to have a quiet house, which meant a clean house, but I will be so glad to see them this afternoon.  To hear about their day, to hear how Chip’s first day in Symphonic band was, how his schedule was adjusted.  Parker started a new 6 weeks, which means gym class again.  I know how thrilled he was (not), but he also had his drum lesson today.  So, that was a highlight for him. 

I’ve managed to wash some clothes, dry some clothes, cancel some services that are costing us money, make a pot of coffee, and listen to some excellent old music.  The air is cool and crisp–inside the house.  Yeah, it’s 68 or 69–gas is so blasted expensive, so I figure I’ll just keep it cool in here and keep a sweater on during the day.  I can let it warm up when everyone else comes home.

We’re startin a new Beth Moore study on Thursday, and I’m very excited.  It’s The Patriarchs–the study of Abraham, Moses, and I’m not sure which other patriarchs.  It is supposed to be awesome!  I can’t wait to see my friends again.  See, I’m not so different from the kids–I’m anxious to get back to learning for the social aspect as much for the learning!!

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  1. i LOOOOOVE beth moore.. she is one amazing lady

  2. Sproing2535 says:

    mrs susan, you are great! i love you! hope you had a wonderful christmas and awesome new years!!!

  3. Aww Mrs. Steen you are so cute lol. Thank you for the movie yesterday! I know what you mean about gas being expensive…it is 65 in our house haha so enjoy the few degrees you have while you have it lol…but you’re right…a sweater will keep you warm. I’ve gotten to where i turn on the heater in the bathroom when i get ready in the morning so that i get good and warm before i am off to school lol. I hope you have a great week! Oh and my mom just loves Beth Moore so i know your study will be good. I love you Mrs. Steen!


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