So, Christmas is officially over, isn’t it?  The Christmas Eve service was beautiful.  The Christmas Day service was beautiful, too.  Chip played his trumpet—did ok on one song and great on the other.  We were really proud, and his Nana had tears in her eyes.  Awww…  Chip and Parker got up at 2:30 on Christmas morning.  Yes, really.  No, we didn’t send them back to bed.  It wasn’t entirely their fault that they were up—dogs were making noise, so maybe that stirred them.  Anyway, Parker was thrilled to get a laptop, and Chip was happy with many new pairs of jeans.  His trumpet from his birthday served as a birthday/Christmas present, so he knew not to expect a BIG gift.  It was a really pleasant morning.  We went back to bed and got back up around 6:30, I think.  It seemed like a long day.  My brother and sister-in-law and their kids (aka “the cousins”) came up on Monday, and we had a great visit.

My beautiful mother…”Nana”

My “Photo-Happy” Boys…not!

Chelsey with the bracelet and scarf Chip gave her.

Chip telling me that I could only take one picture of Chelsey and Him…
hence, there is no picture of him with the handsome watch Chelsey
gave him.

Nana with all of the boys!

My mommy and me!

Awww, my sweetheart!

The Cousins—Allie is in the spotlight, where she belongs with all those boys!

So, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.  Rumor has it that we’re having a “Movie Night Party” to celebrate.  I guess Chip will drive me to the store to get the supplies because, did I mention…CHIP HAS HIS PERMIT!!!!!


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  1. I like New Year’s Eve. I always have fun.

    Oh boy… Chip has a permit? *makes mental note never to get in car again*

  2. hahaha Chip has pretty good driving skills for his first day…i was awful on my first day lol. Thank you again for my present! And i absolutley adore my braclet…it’s beautiful! The New Years party is going to be fun! I can’t wait! See you then!


  3. Anonymous says:

    well thanks for telling me in a secret code to never drive on that side of town without wearing my helment

  4. MRS SUSAN!!!!!!! i have big big big news!!! jake and kristi are engaged!! He flew to Wyoming and surpised her. we are skiing for a week here in Wyoming!! but we just thought we’d tell you this exciting news!! ::annie::

  5. we’ve got it covered for you Mrs Steen! No worries! Sounds like you have everything we will need!


  6. ME_KG says:

    looks like you had a good Christmas!


  7. me132 says:

    it looks like you guys had a GREAT Chirstmas!!
    i wish we could of seen you guys Christmas Eve, but
    we went to the earlier service.
    man o man, chip driving a car…

  8. Manda says:

    i LOVE that you call your hubby sweetheart (and really mean it!)- that is the coolest thing ever. i pray i am that respectful and loving in my years of being married to my honey

  9. Looks like your Christmas was a of fun!  I still have a year to go until I get my permit!

                                                <33 emily

  10. its snowing here in wyoming!!! but for newyears eve, were goanna be partying here and having a massivesnowball fight hopefully!! ahh chip legally driving……. scary!!!!! have a great rest of the week!!

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