Mother and I have wrapped presents most of the evening.  I’m sure she’s worn out from doing that. 
It’s been fun, though.  Chelsey came over, and she & Chip exchanged gifts.  Ahhh…  She ate
pizza with us, and then she & Chip watched…………..Family Guy.  Yes, I know you’re surprised.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Do you like going to an early Christmas Eve service or a late one?
I remember when we were growing up, we always had to go to the early one, and when we were
finally old enough–who ever decided what that was!–then we were able to go the really late
service…11:00.  It was Christmas by the time we got out of church!  It was amazing!  Now, I wish
the kids would go to the early “Family” service, but they would prefer to go to the later, more adult
service.  Well, it’s just that much longer till Santa comes!

Have a blessed day tomorrow and Sunday, if I don’t talk with you before then.  You all are the
most wonderful bunch of people.  Xanga, you are a wonderful place for me to journal.  Merry
Christmas to you! 

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  1. I… don’t think I’ve ever been to a Christmas Eve mass/service/whatever you call it.

  2. Well… Unless Christmas was on a Monday, of course.

  3. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen!!! have a wonderful christmas!!!! <3<3 em

  4. Merry Christmas Mrs. Steen

  5. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas <3

  6. Merry Christmas Mrs. Steen!


  7. Merry Christmas!

                <33 emily

  8. merry christmas mrs steen!

    i haven’t been over to your house in a while, i miss you guys

  9. Athena8908 says:

    I hope you had a GREAT christmas Mrs. Steen!!!!!

  10. Hey SIS!  I finally got a Xanga.  I took your advice and am using it for journaling.  Nice!  I have a picture of Mady and Chelsey when they were little—4 yrs old at pre-school graduation.  They were sooooo cute!  Hope to see you soon.  xoxoxo  Donna R.

  11. me132 says:


  12. i love you, mrs. steen!! you just light up my life!

  13. poto3417 says:

    was santa good to chip??

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