My mouth really hurts.  Monday we went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned.  One of my teeth had broken off a couple of weeks ago–beside the beautiful silver filling of old, and I knew a crown was in the works.  So, yesterday, I went back up to get the crown prep done.  My mouth is really sore today. 

But, as I said, we went to the dentist on Monday.  That meant Chip missed History.  So, Chelsey came over Monday night to show him what he missed…
She’s a beautiful soul, isn’t she!!

Last night was Parker’s band concert.  It was a beautiful Christmas Concert, and he played wonderfully on the percussion.  In fact, he played a solo bit on the new chimes…very impressive.  Saw lots of friends while we were there!


Yay!  Kim and Kelly…great performance!!!


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  1. lol it’s perfectly fine about chip lol elizabeth just says stuff like that to me all the time just to bug me haha it’s what best friends do i guess! Yes i was really hoping that my entry would do some good to someone out there…i think it will…because when i sat down to write it i wasn’t even thinking about that at all…it just all sort of appeared on the screen lol so i think that God has it meant for someone out there. Well i hope you have a great week!


    P.S. Emily and I have decided to take it upon ourselves to show you how to knit! yay!

  2. hey! i was glad to have finally seen you again last night! parker did great.


  3. well no its not a big change ill still probably use the old one

    how you been? its almost Christmas

    ohhh right!

  4. I was there… But I guess you didn’t see me…

  5. Anonymous says:

    It was indeed a great concert. = )  Have a nice day <3 Erin

  6. the steenster! yes, i cannot wait till you grace me with your presence again!

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