It is sad when our words come out as just words, yet can be represented as something of who we are by someone else.  I will be much more careful about how I say what I’m thinking and who I say it around.  My heart hurts that I am not as unblemished as I wish to be.  So, God, how will you use this latest faux pas?  Are you saddened that I was not more careful with my words?  I love all of your people and have cared for so many of your people.  I am sorry that I was so careless.  I am so human.  Your Holy Spirit immediately quickened within me and reminded me that I must take greater care.  Thank you. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont feel bad, everyone makes mistakes To answer your questions, my birthday is on the 21st, and as far as the guitar goes..its acusstic(sp?) but Ive forgotten what kind, and unfortunatly my parents have wrapped it up so I wont know till my bithday  Have a great day! <3 Erin

  2. isn’t it amazing how God can point little things like that out to us and yet still forgive us for those little sins that we so easily overlook? What an amazing God we have.


  3. LiLMiMi927 says:

    Everytime I look at you… I always smile!! You don’t know how much I look up to you and how much I wish to be more and more like you one day! I have never met a mom other then my own with a heart like yours! You care so much for everyone…even younger teens. You don’t look on the outside or judge or even listen to what anyone says about someone. You just become freinds with everyone and say what you want to say. You don’t judge or say thats wrong…you just try to help a person out and I really like that! Your words always touch me and make me think…I know I have made mistakes and sometimes still things don’t make sense and I still make them, but I always know my God is there and I always know that he will forgive and never leave my side. I want you to know that I’m alright. I wont you to know that you mean alot to me and I’m so glad that I know you! You will always be someone I will remember when I get older. One thing I have never had in my life was someone to look up to and ever since I have met you that changed. I look up to you in alot of ways! I just wanted you to know that I love you and I know when the times right I will be able to talk to you about stuff!!! Alright  well,I hope what I said makes sense I love you Mrs. Steen!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey! i love you so much Mrs. Steen. you have been my inspiration since I was like 2! i love looking at pics of joe and chip dressed up as cowboys! it is so funny and it makes me wonder why they dont hang out more now? anywayz thanks for all you do! i love sooooooooooooooooooooo Much!

                                                                                      In Him,


  5. Mrs. Steen I miss you and the movie nights (so I’ve only been to 2…so what I’m still allowed to miss them lol)

    I never REALLY got a chance to thank you for the “night breakfast” so THANK YOU very much…I shall repay you somehow

  6. two days in a row! yayayayayayayay

  7. hey! i still cant figure out how to put music on my xanga! the one i have now i put on there when you came over to help with computer problems! comment me back!


  8. i love u mrs. steen! i really look up to u and how u care about everyone and help out and volunteer ur time to help us…u are awesome

    <3LaUrEn elaine*

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