We helped my mother put up her Christmas tree yesterday!

Then, the cousins brought lunch over. 

Chip’s such a ham sometimes…you had to hear the conversation.
This morning, Chip got up and we all said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHIP!
He had to move his trumpet out of the dining room for Thanksgiving
dinner, and he discovered that his trumpet case was new.  Then,
he discovered that the trumpet inside the case was also new.  He was
very excited, though Bernie was disappointed that Chip didn’t do
cartwheels down the hall.  It’s a beautiful horn–

I’ll put pics of him with the horn later.

Happy Turkey Day!


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  1. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen!!!!!!!!! happy thanksgiving!!!! i hope you had a marvelous day!!!! <3<3 em

  2. LiLMiMi927 says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING MRS. STEEN! Oooo how I miss you!!! Have a good day!

  3. Anonymous says:

    happy ganksthiving mrs.steen i mean thanksgiving,and yes i am very sorry to inform you that the city is slow and never answers the phone when you want them to, so i had to move to another project idea which isn’t half as cool but it will get done quicker so i can get my license. sorry i’m so selfish but it would have seriously taken about a year for that project to work the way we planned because the city has “way to many, other projects to get done first.”

  4. happy thanksgiving, mrs. steen! i’m definitely THANKFUL for you! i’m so blessed to have you in my life!

  5. now that trumpet looks very nice i must say lol i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!


  6. lilfiz35 says:

    I love the picture of the grands and me.  Please, a real one for my photo gallery.  Nice trumpet, Chip.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving break! and yes, honesty is most def. the best policy = ) <3 Erin

  8. you were right! cool song! i miss seeing you around at elementary school. 🙁 have a nice holiday!

  9. hey where can i get music for my xanga???? comment me back on my xanga!

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