If you normally don’t have sound turned on (you know who you are), please turn it on now!  This is one of my very favorite songs–any time of the year, if you listen to the whole song, but especially as we move into the Christmas season.  I realize that some of my friends may not celebrate Christmas.  If you have never known my Jesus, let me tell you about him some day.  He’s amazing! 

One more day until Thanksgiving…one more day until Chip’s birthday.  I am so thankful for blessings beyond the thinking of this wee brain of mine at the present.  But I know this…God has blessed me with the responsibility of being a wife and mother, and I so treasure those roles.  In both roles, many other people have come into my life–mainly other people to “mother,” and it has been such a privilege.  If I had to pick what I am most thankful for, I think that would be it this year…the people who have become like part of my family.  Most of those people are teenagers, who don’t make me feel like a teenager, but who remind me on a regular basis that I am where God has placed me, and I am living a life that God desires.  Oh, how I long to please him in all I do!


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  1. Mrs. Steen you have truly been a blessing in my life for these past few months and i just love the way that you can see God in you all the time.  I am blessed because you have shared your wonderful gifts that God has given you to share with me. I can see that you truly love God and are amazingly passionate about him and that helps me so much to keep looking toward Him in everything…it really does! I love you Mrs. Steen and you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. lilfiz35 says:

    I know who I am…..and turned up the sound.  Thanks for the nice music.  Thanks to you, Chip and Parker I am enjoying more sights of the season in my house.  Hurry on back some time, and bring those pretty girls.  Be sure birthday boy wears his sticker (from my BD card) tomorrow.  And…..HI BERNIE!

  3. Hey! Yes, this is Jenna P. My mom used to sub at Erma Siegel a lot before the baby. Thank you so much for praying for her. I know she will really appreciate it! : ) Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God bless you as you go about your day!


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