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Birthdays…is there anything better than a birthday?  I remember vividly the birth-day
of Parker and the birth-day of Chip. Chip’s 15th birthday will be celebrated as we eat
turkey next Thursday.  Even though Parker officially turned 13 on Wednesday, we
 celebrated Parker’s 13th birthday in fine form last night as the bonfire burned, the music
blasted, and the laughter and chatter just kept right on late into the evening.  Parker and
his friends had a great time, and none of it would have happened without the help from
our older friends and Bernie.  Wanna see?

The photo show address is

It takes a minute for the show to load, and the longer shows, in the “favorites, can take a
minute or two to load, but that’s only when I have like 100 pictures or so in them.



Well, I have some cleaning to do, and I’m behind on decorating for the holidays! 
Have a spendiforous day!!! (That’s just for you!)

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  1. Thank you for letting chip come over today mrs. steen! I was all lonely lol and we played basketball…it was fun =] Well i hope that parker had a wonderful birthday!


  2. Anonymous says:

    heey!! its kimberly..the party was super fun!! lol i had a great time and hope parker did too!! the pics r too kute!! well c ya lata!!


  3. embolie13 says:

    i loved helping out!!!!! i can now say i know how to grill hot dogs!!!! that was totally awesome!!!!! i just love you mrs. steen!!! and i love talking to you too!!!! you’re a wonderful listener!!!!! you know i’m here to help anytime!!!! i love you mrs. steen!!!! <3<3 em

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