The moment I’ve worked toward, but have fallen asleep before I could accomplish…
Friday night a bunch of the kids went to Fuji—and we only go on special occasions,
go figure!  They came here and watched Robots with more kids later.  Daniel, Jacob,
and Chip played Pokemon after everyone left–yes, they are supposedly growing up,
and then… 

Saturday, I took Parker to the doctor and remembered how I felt when the boys
were little and we’d see these teenagers come into Dr. Dixon’s waiting room.  I used
to think, “I bet they feel really awkward.”  Well, they probably did, because Parker
definitely did.  We survived the visit, though, and his bronchitis is on the mend with a
Z-Pack, America’s most popular med right now. 

Saturday night was Brittany Hammond’s 16th birthday, and after the party our small
group ended up back over here, and I cooked breakfast for them.  It’s my favorite
meal to cook, so that worked out well for everyone. 

For anyone who thinks Parker gets the short end of things, he’s going to be having
a birthday/bonfire party with numerous friends, and I’ve already told him that we’ll
have a few stay and watch movies and eat a late-night breakfast before they go home.
  It’s hard to keep it all balanced, isn’t it!  Yes, Julia Grace, I need your help.  I’m also
hoping that I can talk Ritchie, Jacob, and Daniel into helping.  No girls who have
All-State need to help because the cold air and smoke will hurt their throats, I’m afraid. 
Anyone else want to help?  All I can offer is free hot dogs, marshmallows/smores,
hot chocolate, and time with Mr. Steen (or “Mr. B” as Emily Lupoli affectionately
calls him) around the fire.  I think it will be a great time, and I’m sure Parker is
ready to turn 13…on WEDNESDAY!!!

Photo show from Friday Night/Movie Night

Photo show from Saturday Night/Brittany’s Party

Here are a few shots to peak your interest, but you should watch the shows,
they really are awesome, if I do say so myself!

I love that picture of Chip.  It was taken while he was waiting for Jacque and
Chelsey to change after the party…patience is a virtue my son. 

Gotta get ready for church…you need to go, too.  It changes everything about your week
when you allow God to be a special part of this day–he may use you in someone
else’s life or use someone else in yours, but if you don’t show up, you’ll never know!!!

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  1. i can probably help if you want any help for parkers party thing!!!!!! have a great day mrs susan!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs steen!!! we all miss u down here!!! i did just what u told me to do for my comments!!! my mom says hey and she misses u too!!! well have a great day!!! caroline =)

  3. aww Mrs. Steen you know i would be glad to help with parker’s party but unfortuneately i can’t because like you said the cold air and smoke would not be good for my voice. Last night was so much fun and thanks for the breakfast!


  4. melvman16 says:

    Mrs. Steen I <3 you!!!

  5. I don’t know…it would be cool, but I got a B in calculus and my dad is probably going to kill me for it…so it’s unlikely that I would be able to come…

    But thanks for the offer, you’re awesome Mrs. Steen

  6. haha. jus imagine if martin was sittin on me

  7. IXI_chip_IXI says:

    idk if parker is ready to be 13

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