Swim meet was great. My feet still feel wet.  I think Beth Garner needs a personal assistant to be sure she gets places on time.  I definitely had a great time taking pictures, but it’s just because everywhere I go people are doing funny, happy, silly things.  

I went to the doctor today, which I’m doing three days a week right now, and I brought home some pictures of my xrays to share…

Scoliosis, a swan neck, and a really lopsided hip–you can see where he marked the amount it is out of whack–not very medically correct terms, I realize.  Anyway, I have a real sense of hope for the first time in a long time.  I see in black and white how twisted my spine is and I have a plan for making it better. 

Chip’s crew is at swim practice, then going to eat dinner, then I’ve heard back here for a movie…but that could always change.  My drinks, popcorn, and candy jar are ready, though!

Parker is gearing up for his birthday party next Friday…a big bonfire.  He and Mary have finished he list, printed the invitations, and now just have to wait for the fire department to bring a permit. 

I finished the Photo Show from the Swim Meet last night.  You can see it at http://photoshow.comcast.net/watch/ws6CH5fx

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  1. Anonymous says:

    O my goodness Mrs.Steen, I hope that you do get better.  It’s so funny not having any marching band things anymore, I don’t think I know what to do, lol. Well I’ll ttyl!!

    ~*rachel bowen*~

  2. Oh my goodness Mrs. Steen that does look a little whacked up…but i will be praying for you that GOd can help you fix it! i love you Mrs. Steen!


  3. Mrs. Steen….oh my goodness( i thought i would say that cuz everybody else has said it) But anywayz i hope you get to feeling better.Oh yea let me know if you still need help with that party, i will be more than glad to help you in anyway i can. I LOVE YOU!!

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