So many of my friends are sick.  I hope they all get well soon.

Swim meet tomorrow in Nashville.  I don’t know that everyone will get to swim. Our “cheerleaders” probably won’t go because of other things going on, too. Oh, well, those who swim will have fun swimming, and their teammates can cheer them on!

I have new pictures to post, but I’ll put them on tomorrow.  There are really great, though! 

Well, what’s new?  Have you asked her out?  Yes, you know who!  Oh, and have you decided that it’s not the end of the world to not have a boyfriend?  You know who I’m talking to.  Hanging out with friends is really lots of fun.  Did you name one of the puppies Harry or Neil?  Hmmm.  There are so many of you who I haven’t been able to check up on lately—I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering how everyone is. 

I found out that the Youth Group ate dinner at City Cafe’ tonight.  Then I heard that I was supposed to know about it.  Hmmm.  How was I supposed to know?  All I heard was that the Richmond’s were eating there!  Go figure.  Hope it was yummy.  xoxo

May you all have wonderful days tomorrow full of God’s blessings in all the ways you most are needing Him. 

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  1. O Mrs. Steen!  It is hard not to see you all the time!  It is kinda weird.  I did name one of the boys HARRY!  O I was wondering if Friday afternoon I could come by and order some of your pics.  Emily and I want to scrapbook this weekend, and I know that you have tons of pics from band and swimming!  If you can’t that’s ok too, maybe we can do it another time. I love and miss you!  <3<3 Beth

  2. better watch out for that avian bird flu…

    the US is gearing up for a pandemic…

    but yeah…thanks for the tip…but i will fall asleep looong before then…


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