Last night was the most fun for us.  It was a great day for Bernie at work,
so we took the boys to Fuji to celebrate, and they brought the girls with them. 
Now, we know that Chelsey is a big eater, especially for such a small young
lady, and she was going to show Chip what she meant…But as you know
with me, pictures speak much more than words!

Here’s the group with their chopsticks…Chip likes
working with those chopsticks! 

Dinner was over and Chelsey proudly showed that there
was no steak left on her plate!
But look at Mary’s plate…she ate almost all of her vegetables
AND her meat!

No way!  You can’t see what I’ve eaten so far!
I don’t care—Parker really doesn’t care that he doesn’t like
veggies.  He thought Chelsey was on his side in that matter–
But then she went and ate one of the mushrooms and even

WAIT, Mrs. Steen!  Look, I’m a member of the CLEAN
PLATE CLUB!  There’s not a piece of anything on this plate! 
What about Chip?
No fair!  Someone poked me in the side so I’d show my plate.

So, you see, we have fun no matter where we go. 

Dinner was great.  Everyone had a great time.  We’re all proud of
Bernie because he’s amazing whether he’s picking up flags on
the marching field, working hard at his job, or just being at home
with us. 
Now, it’s Saturday.  Chip’s putting the rest of the mums in the ground
for me.  He’s getting his hair cut later.  Of course, like Beth said…what’s he need?
A #2 here, here, and here and he’s done!  I’m sure it will look great!  Parker is mowing
the yard across the street.  Bernie is resting from raking leaves and setting off the
neighbors’ alarm last night!  Funny story!!
Have a great Saturday–

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  1. hahaha the one where i tickled him is so hilarious! I really enjoyed last night Mrs. Steen! Thank you for taking me that was just so much fun! I hope you have a great weekend!


    P.S. I stole a few pictures for my site…i hope you don’t mind!!!

  2. Aw Mrs. Steen! I love those pics!  Your extended family is so cute!<3 Beth

  3. dude the steenster….do you have to be invited to that moooooovie night shindig or can we just show up….??

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