I am obviously too sleepy to be doing this.  This is an edit to my earlier post.  I am waiting for the dryer to stop.  I wrote a post, posted some pics, and then didn’t submit them.  Go figure!  Erggggh!  I’ll do it again, but I don’t have the energy to tell you about them right now…


Have you noticed how much Jacque’s hair has grown?  It has just really caught my attention lately.  Jacque, are you using a hair growth tonic?  What do you all think about that? Hmm.

Swim meet tomorrow against Riverdale.  Chip has to get over his fear of Brandon–I think they didn’t communicate very well after Chip was out with bronchitis.

Chelsey has a special something at our house that is so neat–if only I could keep it for me! 

That is all I have to report right now.  Oh, the lunch bunch went to Panerra’s today, and I really liked it.  Kind of pricey, but really tasty! 
I know you all like photos, so, here are a few I thought I would share…


OK, so there’s Bernie at 13 with his guitar–not much has changed.  Then, there’s me in the 
kitchen with my mother in our matching aprons.  I better not hear one wisecrack about my
being in the kitchen, because I love to cook, and I’m really a great cook.  We’re just not
home enough for me to cook much lately. 


Then there’s Chip and Parker with my daddy, filling the bird feeder.  And the cutest thing…Chip and Joseph
eating their Disney Popsicles when they were two or three years old.  Aren’t they the cutest fellows?  Oh, how
I loved those days!  Old pictures are the most fun!!  I tried to get the band parents to give me photos of band
kids who were friends when they were little so we could have contests to name the kids, but no one would
participate.  What a bummer!  There must be other fun parents out there.  Sigh…
Good Night.


10 Responses to “”

  1. ME_KG says:

    aww cute pictures!

  2. AHHHHH!!!! Is that our little man flute Joseph???

  3. Ha. And Chip looks the same as he does now… only ittle bitty.

  4. MeLeeSa523 says:

    i love miss susan!
    …whatever happened to those pictures of courtney, kallie, christie, and me?

  5. aww he was a cute little kid!! i wanna know what my special something is!! i am so excited! i love you mrs. steen!


  6. MeLeeSa523 says:

    yessssssssssssssssss we finally got the pictures!!!!


  7. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs. steen !!! it was soo good to see you today !!! by the way.. your outfit looked soooo cute! well i love you soo much !!! bye !   ~::*::beth::*::~

  8. LiLMiMi927 says:

    I love you oooo sooo much!

  9. Athena8908 says:

    awww…chip looks cute! lol!

    i <3 U mrs. steen!!!

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