Brrr…I’m freezing!  I love the fall weather much better than the heat, though.  I’m heading to Tullahoma tomorrow.  Lo and behold–Siegel Freshmen will be there, too.  Maybe I’ll see someone I know when I go out to eat with my mom, brother, and his family.  It’s a small world! 

Chip came home by 8:30 this morning–upset stomach. He’s definitely going to school tomorrow, since his stomach has seemed fine.  His cough sounds kind of gross, but you know, a good decongestant should fix him right up.  It’s all the stuff in the air.  I’ll have to be sure he’s all packed up for practice tomorrow night since I can’t run gloves, ear muffs, etc up there from Tullahoma.  Between Chelsey and Beth, surely he’ll be get by!

Parker had a great day today–the kind of thing I love to hear! 

My little friends at church, very little friends, are learning verses about friends, and the one for today was about lending without expecting anything in return.  What about you all?  Does it bug you when you’ve been nice to help someone out, but they aren’t as willing to help you when you need it?  I guess it’s just the human part of us, isn’t it?  But, there it is in God’s Word–don’t expect anything in return.  Yikes!  That can be hard.  Or is it easy for you?  Maybe you’re the kind of person who doesn’t even think twice about it.  You help people out, expecting nothing.  Someone helps you out, and it may not be the same person you’ve ever helped.  How do you feel about that? 

Well, if you’ve ever been here for movie night, you know I can’t stand the scary movies—that’s when I move as far from the room as possible.  Parker loves them.  Chip is scared to death, but watches–just look at Beth’s picture sometime!  Bernie is just like Parker—makes me crazy!  So, they’re watching some Halloween monster something TONIGHT–a school night.  I have no pull around here when it comes to this stuff–making me nuts.  I think I’ll go to bed, where I can dream about nice things.  I just don’t know how you all stand the scary movies.  Annie, you know how I feel.  Give me something funny, something silly, heck sweet’s not bad.  But scary….ugh!

Sweet dreams.  Oh, and here’s the other version of the trumpet photo show, along with the other band photo shows, and the coffee pictures.  Thanks, Meghan Slater for the additional photos!


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  1. yes i sure do know how you feel about scary movies!!! i love them but just not at night!!!!!! lol i love you mrs susan!!!

  2. That show is so good, even if in half of the pictures we are just making faces, or goofing off!  O well, that’s what our section is all about!  I can’t wait for VMI! I know that you will have plenty of pics from there! <3 Beth

  3. haha i am sure that me and beth can make sure that chip is taken care of…don’t you worry mrs. steen! It was good seeing you in my driveway today!!! haha i lov eyou!


  4. the steenster!!! who are you harassing today? im just  kidding to dot harass people that often…hehe soo yea thought id pop in and say “hello” ok bye now!!

  5. Mrs. Steen, thank you so much.  I have never been able to talk to anyone like I did last night.  You are so loving and understanding, I am just grateful that I have someone to talk to now.  I am just sorry that you have to listen to all of my problems, because (and you helped me to realize this even more last night) I know that there are millions of people that are way worse off than I am.  It just feels nice to be able to tell someone stuff that you have been holding up inside for a long time.  I hope that you don’t think that I’m selfish because of last night, but instead, I hope that you feel that you gained another friend.  I love you! Beth

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