So, I have updated the band web page this morning with what?  The Trumpet Weekend Photo Show, of course!  There is other info to put on, too, but I really like to get section news on there.  Lots of parents and extended family would never see what their kids are doing if it didn’t get on the web page, did you know that?  Want to see the photo show?  It’s short…but good.  I really like the way I messed with the photo of Beth attacking Chip with the rake–it looks like it would be in a cave wall thousands of years from now—could be!  Go watch it!

Last night, the youth group girls were supposed to meet me at Starbucks at 6:00, right?  Ummm…well, I guess riding with me kind of is the same as meeting me–ya’ll met me in my car, right?  🙂  It was so much fun, and so funny!!  Melissa and Taylor had to use stir sticks to drink/eat their drinks because they aren’t allowed to use straws because of some DBS pledge thing.  Of course, in came DBS older girls, so it was a good thing they were following the rules, hmmm. 🙂  Then, Kallie, whom I shall forever call the girl with the eagle eye (because she spotted the guy) and the shaky hand (because she was cracking up too much to take a good picture) made me laugh very, very hard.  The pictures tell the story…

So, here are all the girls who could come…with stir sticks for lowly pledges… Then, Taylor brought Pop Rocks–
You know, the stuff that pops when it mixes with the spit in your mouth?  Loved it when I was a kid, but I don’t
really want to mess up my coffee, so I just took the pictures.  Taylor has the best facial expressions!
Yay! (not a real word, I don’t think)–Stephy was home and joined us!!!!  What fun.  Annie and Morgan
always looking cheery.  So much fun to be with, too.  Annie also comes over for movie nights—double the
fun with that girl!  
 The DBS shirt with the design by none other than our wonderful
Miss Taylor Simpson herself–model for the evening, Miss Melissa Mitchell.  OK, now the finale….I love Sharpie Markers, but…

What does ANYONE need with 20 markers in their shirt pocket?  He is probably a wonderful man with a wonderful story,
but he watched us the entire evening (OK, so we were a bit nutty)–and he had ALL those SHARPIES in shirt pocket!!!  Kallie
takes the prize for spotting it, and Morgan Neal takes the prize for getting the beautiful picture without too much laughing. 

It was a wonderful weekend.   Trumpets, the rest of the band, Chelsey, my sweet Parker and Bernie, the best youth group girls anyone could hope to have, AND  I get to see my mother this week.  Yep, life’s good.  Even though not many of you had much to say about the beautiful pictures and words, Be Thou My Vision, it was a spiritual experience for me, and it was my time with God–glad you could share quietly in it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do think we need more pictures of the horn section…

  2. Manda says:

    that photo show was INCREDIBLE. i really REALLY want to know how you did that- that is such a cool thing for anybodys ministry (including some i am a part of!) honestly though- that is really cool that you can put something together like that.

    i hope you know how much you inspire me- i really love the things you do for the people around you- and i love the positive attitude towards everything happening in your life. you know God loves you and wants to bless you, and you so gracefully accept those blessings! you are an important role model to me right now, and i dont think weve ever really talked! its so cool how God can use you to reach so many. i really see the end result of most of my goals in life in you (we have similar personalities im beginning to see ) anyway, i just wanted to remind you that all these things you do for other people are really lessons learned for people like me.

  3. ME_KG says:

    haha im glad that i got to go! i had alot of fun! we should defanitly do it again sometime soon!

  4. me132 says:

    ..of course you had to use the photo of me eating the pop rocks..

    haha..i know it looks funny..

    i had a GREAT time w/ you guys last night…and thanks again for buying!!

  5. CoralStar says:

    Your photo show was amazing! …just thought I would let you know =)

  6. Sproing2535 says:

    amazing pictures as usual… i still dont understand that man with the pens… i mean, you only need one.. and who really uses those pockets anyways!?… it was really fun, thanks again!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    hey, i just wanted to say hey before i went to bed b/c i’m still really tired from this weekend although it was well worth it=)

  8. Cathy811 says:

    It sounds like the trumpets had a blast! Those pictures were really cool! Have a nice day!!!

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