I love pictures of the moon.  The way the clouds can cover and give such beauty.  Isn’t it just incredibly artful?


Another movie night!  Emily, Andrew, Jacque, Boog, Beth, Scott, Julie Grace, Ben, Jacob, Chip, Chelsey, Daniel, Lauren, Erin, and, of course, my sweet Annie!  Then…the big surprise was that Emily Mitchell was home from UTC, so she and Kallie, Courtney, Ashley, and Meleeeessa came by and visited for a while.  I think that Kallie is going to be my biggest competition for peanut M&M’s, along with Erin Walker.  Lots of bottled water, Crystal Light, Dr. Pepper, Jones Soda, The Real Thing (Coke), and my personal favorite FRESCA, along with much Papa Johns pizza, and my very famous candy jar were consumed.  And you know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Bernie and I loved having everyone here!  It’s good that you have so many good friends to spend your time with.  And, you’re always welcome to sleep on the floor, even when your friends aren’t here.  Now I know what Marc Evans meant when he said he and Vina never know who’ll they’ll wake up to!  Life is good, and we are blessed.   
No X-Rated Photos, Chip!  I just can’t have it!!! So, Thanks, Ben, for always helping me out.  Ben selflessly has
stepped in and covered Chip’s chest.  A keeper of a photo, don’t you think? 
Yeah, it was a great night.  Jacob, Scott, Ben, and Andrew stayed over for a night of Halo.  They gave Julia Grace a slow clap when she tried on her dress for formal…she looks beautiful in it!  And they’ve hopefully eaten the last of a couple dozen Donut Country donuts this morning.  Trumpet Section is having their party tonight in Sewanee at the Garners.  So, Parker wants to have Jeff spend the night.  The Bests are going to join us for dinner, as we try to show them a little Southern Hospitality.  They are a really neat family!  Half Presbyterian, too! 

Starbucks at 6:00 tomorrow!  Bye!


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  1. LiLMiMi927 says:

    Hey! Did I ever tell you that you make me smile like every time I see you!!!! Even though guard is over I will be sure to come by your house…maybe you could make me dinner…haha….Soo about swimming….I’m not sure about this year…I kinda want to hang out with my freinds…go to games and really the big reason I need to start saving money for college and stuff….It’s so hard to want to make 300 a week and be in a sport…I’m so used to being busy and now I kinda want to relax and make money…I know that might be stupid….but Idk it’s a hard choice to make and i’m still making it! I love swimming so much, but idk…ahh i dont know what to do….!!! Maybe you can help me out on what to do? I love you so much and if I ever need someone to talk to I know that your door is always open!!!!!

  2. i love movie nights at the steen’s!!!!! we always have so much fun!!!!!!!! see you at starbucks 2moro!!!

  3. hahaha your son is a goofball but that’s why i’m dating him! lol along with alot of other reasons. I really wanna see julia grace in her dress!!!! oh gosh i am really wanting to see it lol. Thanks for the movie night mrs. steen! it was awesome!!!


  4. Miss steen, movie night was AMAZING thanks for the pizza and everything else! I am so glad that you liked my dress. And i loved how you replaced chips chest for ben’s  head! HAHAHAHAHA, that made me laugh really hard.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahahahahaha….ok,well i thought that the picture was hillarious..hahahaha..ok i’m done=D

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