Today was the Variety Show at Siegel High School.  Great job to Kate and Ali–Youth Group was well-represented!  I’ll have to get the still clips off of my camcorder so I can show off how great you two looked!  Speaking of Youth Group, Emily Mitchell might be coming to Starbucks with us on Sunday at 6:00.  I can’t wait!!!

OK, back to the Variety Show…It was amazing!  All of my wonderful friends were just that…WONDERFUL!!!! 

Before you see those pictures, though, you should know…Beth had her hair cut—very nice!

AND  Sweet Chelsey really hurt her thumb–she whacked that ol’ nail. I just hurt
for her!

Here are some photos from this evening, before the Swim Team meeting…

CARRIE!!!                                                                                Hayley, Taylor, and Emilee!!!

OK, my eyes are fading quickly.  Good night!

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  1. did u tape the show??

    I LOVE U!


  2. Manda says:

    thank you so much for the comment- it was very encouraging, and had perfect timing. God is so good!

  3. me132 says:

    i cant wait for sunday!!!

    i love you mrs. susan!!!

  4. Hi!

    My name is Whitney Johnson and i was the drum major for Siegel 2 years ago and i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your pictures. That band would not run without amazing parents. Thanks for letting me relive those wonderful days!

    – Whitney

  5. ew! i hate stage make-up! lol

  6. ME_KG says:

    mrs susan! i had fun coming to visit you tonight! ill have to do it again sometime!

    annd i might not be able to come sunday. i asked my mom and said we might be going to my grandparents for my dad’s birthday, so i dont know yet. i hope i can come though!

  7. embolie13 says:

    awww mrs. steen those are so good!!!! i’m sorry i couldn’t come over tonight!!! i feel asleep on the couch after practice and didn’t wake up until 9:30!!!! ahhhh!!!! i hope you’ll have another for me!!! i love you!!!! <3<3 em

  8. the steenster!!!! i love you thanks for the comment made me fill my little head with joy!!

  9. mrs. steen!! i so glad you got to see my dress!!! I can’t wait, were going to have so much fun picking out my hair, and jewlery!! I LOVE YOU! thanks for having us over tonight.

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