Birmingham was oh so much fun.  Of course, it’s always more fun to win, isn’t it?  Not necessarily.  There is such thing as a hollow victory, I believe.  If we had competed against five bands that were altogether worse than we were, it wouldn’t have been much of a win, would it?  No, our score was only 2/3 of a point away from first place.  It was also the highest score the band had received this season, and this was not our last contest.  VMI is two weeks away.  Our music, footwork, and flagwork are admittedly difficult.  Is our goal to win or to perfect the show?  I should hope it is the latter.  I could just feel the warmth of the glow of pride as the members of the band completed the performance in competition.  It was a beautifully executed performance!  It was a wonderful weekend!

The Halo Room…Scott, Jacob, Daniel, and Chip….Erin’s hurt foot—-OUCH!  Look how blue.   Chelsey and Chip…I haven’t figured out why they didn’t sit together or shop together, but then here they are together, and someone used a shoe to be sure they weren’t too together—go figure!

Emily, Laura, and Cassi                           Brittany, Christina, Rachel       Six beautiful smiles!!!    Derek, Parker, and Mary stick together!

So many sweet faces that melt my heart!  Lupoli and Dukey…Beth and Meghan!                      It’s amazing who you can catch as you ride up and down the elevator with the crazy percussion girls and their hostages.  But everyone was such good sports with my camera.  Thanks!

Youth group was wonderful tonight.  I got to take Melissa home–that’s always fun, but we didn’t stop for hair dooies this week.  Brad would be so sad, but even sadder if we had stopped and he weren’t with us. 

My eyes are really sleepy, but I still must update the band page.  So I bid you good night.  See you in a few hours when the sun rises.


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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    MRS SUSAN you are an amazing photographer!!! i think ill just come to you got senior pictures… im soo mad i missed youth last night, i figured it was too late, then i was like maybe ill go, but then decided i better just stay home and relax a bit…felt amazing to sleep in my own bed and not awaken by amanda’s phone.. but its cool… enjoyed the trip alot. do you think you could send me the picture you took of my family.. that would be great!!! i love you mrs susan!!!

  2. Aaaaah, I finally met your other son!

    He’s adorable!

    Heh, I talked to him and Derek and Mary for a little while on the bus and they were all so adorable!

    So, perfecting the show equals number one goal.

    But, of course, it will never be perfect.

    So I’ll settle for the best I can do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My foot is much better   I went to the doctor, and i have to stay off of it for a week or so…Im jsut thankful it Isnt broken! Have a wonderful day -Erin

  4. Anonymous says:

    man that was a fun trip but you missed our halo party in the other room with me,Brian,Ritchie,and Andrew..haha.. but thats ok, although we had the best neighbors……guess who it was …THE RHODYS ..i’m suprised they didn’t hear us yelling while playing halo, haha well i’ll see you around =)

  5. Mrs. Steen! I’m not sure what you mean but someone keeping Chip and Chels apart with a shoe… Anyway, I think that I tell you that you are great all the time, and you know all of the band totally loves you, but I don’t know how much we actually thank you guys.  I mean, whenever Mr. Rhody tells us to thank you guys, we do as a group, but I think we fail on thanking you guys. So here goes- THANK YOU MRS. STEEN for being such a wonderful help to the band and doing all that you do!

  6. tehJ337 says:

    you forgot to mention me in that picture haha!

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