Dear Lord, it is by faith that I walk.  I do so pray that the steps I have been taking this week, and maybe more importantly those I’ve chosen not to take, are pleasing to you.  It’s not been nearly as difficult as thought it might be.  Thank you for the strength that comes from you.

So, today, we were covered up with high school kids, who first played Risk, watched Jimmy Fallon, then Grease, then after Ritchie conqured the world (or at least the United States), everyone went outside and shot each other with airsof guns.  Yeah, I think they had a great time.  I may even pick up another one to have when they come back so that more of them can play at once.  I have a feeling Erin may be hanging out here for a few days until she gets this out of her system.  She cracks me up.  Melissa and Allie walked down, and we sat inside and visited for a little bit.  That was very nice, and you two know that my door is always open.  I’ll be on the lookout for the guy now, you know…the guy!  And our door is open for all of you—it’s a pretty safe place to hang out, and we usually have plenty of food, water, milk, and soft drinks.  I have plenty to keep me busy, so I certainly don’t feel like I need to entertain anyone.  That’s the neatest part of the boys being the ages they are now…I can just enjoy watching them do their things–I don’t have to think of things for them to do!

Ben and Felix definitely have a bond… Actually, I think Ben was just trying to keep Felix from trying to go after the playing pieces. 
Felix was so funny watch the dice roll, too.  Just couldn’t quite capture it all on
camera!  Nor can you get the full effect of Ben trying to protect himself from Felix
after he put him down on the floor–it was hysterical to watch!

Annie, Emily, and Chelsey…I’ll bet no one else knows all the words to GREASE like those girls!









And, of course, let’s not forget the rest of those RISK players…
First, there was Chip, who said, “Mom, can you take my can?”  So, I took a picture of his can, and then I told
him that I felt sure he knew where the can belonged.  Then, there was Beth, Jacob, Ben, Richie, Scott, Daniel (later) and Andrew. 
Brittany and Erin came in a little later, too, so I didn’t get them in a picture, either.  But there’s always another time…  It was a great day!
I did notice that Elizabeth didn’t show up. 🙁 


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  1. that was so much fun!!! supposedly were all comming back monday!!!! not 2 sure though!!! your the best mrs susan!!!!!!

  2. lilfiz35 says:

    Where’s my sweet drummer-boy?  Has he been hiding from the camera?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs.steen !! aww looks like yall had lots of fun !! thanks for commenting me back !! that was thoughtful of you !! and yay .. we ended up keeping the cat!! the thing is.. my brother doesnt want to name the cat felix !! i was .like.. WHAT?? lol …i think that it fits perfectly !!  so i am thinkin that i want to name the kitten.. Elijah !! i just love that name!! but my mom wants to name it Binx !i cant figure out what to name it !lol …well … yes mam… that would be soo much fun if you came to one of our games !! out freshmen team is pretty good !! the last game they played, they won 50-0 against smyrna !!LOL..well… i hope that you have a FaBuLoUs *Fall BrEaK* ! i love ya mrs. steen!!


  4. Hey Mrs. Steen! I keep on forgetting to comment u back. Thank you so much for ur comment that was really sweet!!. I am goin to Mississippi with my church tomorrow morning me and my dad are. We are leaving @ 5:30 in the morning. Tomorrow is my moms b-day too so my sis and her will have to celebrate by themselves that is the sad part about leaving,but I am really excited about goin down there and helping out! I hope that u guys have a good Fall Break. I love ya Mrs. Steen!!


  5. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen!!!!!! i just love you!!!!!! and i love felix!!!!! you amaze me how wonderful you are when we all come over!!! i just love it!!! i might have to try airsof soon!!! shooting things scares me but erin’s going to show me how!! lol!!!! i love you mrs. steen!!!!! <3<3 em

  6. oh my goodness i had so much fun on friday!!! pretty sure everyone is coming back tomorrow lol! I LOVE YOU MRS. STEEN!!!


  7. Anonymous says:

    hey i was just looking @ your site and i saw this certian picture w/ some cat and laughed histarically<(i probly misspelled that word)….well i just wanted to say that i’ve talked to the people who live next to the property and i’ve also called the vice-mayor and tomorrow i plan to call the assistant city engineer, so i think that this project is going to follow through,also tomorrow i wont be able to make it if i do until about 3:30 or 4 b/c i have an orthodontist oppointment…see ya =)

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey Mrs.steen , i guess u know about ma grandma well ya!

                      just leaven u a comment

                                       love anna

  9. I love you mrs.susan!

  10. MeLeeSa523 says:

    Mrs Susan!!!!! i love you!!! i love just sitting around and talking, but i think you already knew that! haha! i dont know if i will be at youth on sunday because thats when i am coming home from indiana. but if i am home…i will come! oh yeah…the guuuy…hahaha! i will see you later! love you*melissa*

  11. i love you, mrs. steen! sorry i couldnt come! we definitely need to have a girls’ night, so we can get you away from all those boys in your house! i just love you oh so much!!

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