I’ll work on an entry.  I got up really early to go the grocery, and I discovered that Bernie had blocked my car in the driveway.  What a disappointment.  I will have to be creative with breakfast now.  Yes, girls, many pictures to post for you, I know.  I’m so sorry they aren’t up already.

Beth tagged me, and I am still thinking.  None of the kids have named Harry Chapin  I am saddened.  So, my song that is playing is a snippet from one of his.  He is just my all-time favorite artist, but since he is dead, Neil Diamond is my favorite living artist.  I’ll have my five songs ready and listed tonight.  Yes, I do also have some surprising favorites.  I used to really ROCK!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    that’s right, bandetto@comcast.net

    see you tonight!

  2. i got my license today!!! and i got to drive to school to get my cellphone from the guard room then from there i drove to swim practice by myself!!!!! it was way cool driving by myself!!!!

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