So, this is Chelsey and Chip.  I’m pretty sure they’re a pretty cute couple. 
Wouldn’t you agree?  Yes, he’s really that tall and handsome, and she’s really kind of short and very
beautiful.  And they are BOTH VERY NICE people—the best part of all. 
I’ve just come home from the hospital, and I’m enjoying probably the only quiet time I’ll have for
a few days. It’s ok, though, because I’ve missed my family.  The laundry is already running, because
I figure they will need more clothes as soon as they walk in the door.  Bernie said we have no food, but
he will run to the grocery tomorrow.  He’s a saint.  Let me say that again…HE’S A SAINT!  Really,
he’s been wonderful.  And to my sweet friends, Mary Jo and Ellyn, who prayed over me while I slept;
my friends Debby and Sue, who brought me lunch; my lunch bunch friends, Martha, Clydell, Annette,
and Emily, who made me practically wet the bed (on my diaper-clad bed) laughing so much; and to my
friends Laura, Carolyn, my Mother, Patti, and others I can’t remember, who called but chose not to visit
for fear of wearing me out, thanks for caring so much about me.  I am so blessed.  To the band booster
board, who sent the most beautiful flowers, even though the web page had to go un-updated—thank you.
The nurses loved coming into my room.  And Kimberly, thanks for asking for those prayers.  I am such
a believer in the power of prayer, and I think God honors the prayers of children with extra care.  Thank
You so much for your precious love!

My head feels much better, though I feel the pain lingering.  I’m limiting computer time to one hour slots, every
three hours.  So, actually 1on, 3 off.  That should give my eyes and brain a fair dose of work and rest.  I’m
going to choose my activities carefully, and that might mean that I tell someone NO sometimes.  I won’t want
to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’ll want to preserve my health and save the best of me for my family and the
people I enjoy spending my time with the most–the youth at church, at school, and in the band!  They are my
joy, because that is where I serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And until he shows me otherwise, that
is where I’ll be!!  I love you all, and I thank you with many hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxo

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  1. awww mrs. steen i was praying for you while you were in the hospital because i can’t imagine you having to stay there for so long!!! I am glad you are home though because your house does not run well without you as chip has told me “you bring the peace” lol. I love you mrs. steen! you’re awesome!

  2. me132 says:

    Im very very glad youre feeling better…

    Im praying for you a lot!!..

    and I hope to see you soon..


  3. i love you, mrs. steen! it was soooo good to see you today at practice! i’ve been praying for you all week, and will continure to pray for you! God is the great physician, and i have full faith that He will heal you! i loooove you!

  4. Mrs. Steen, Im so glad that your feeling better. It was wonerful seeing you at practice today. Thanks for always making me SMILE!! You will still be in my prayers!! I LOVE YOU!!

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