Alert….Alert….Alert….Life is changing in the Steen house. 
As if we didn’t already think Chelsey Duke was the sweetest
friend in the world for Chip to have, now he’s gone and asked
her to be his girlfriend.

  This was the best I could do of a photo of the two of them
together.  I’ll work on a real one in the week ahead.  She’s
just precious, and we’ve thought she’s been part of the “movie
night” group, so we’ve already gotten to know her.  It’s just
a wonderful bunch of teenagers, truly.  Now, if she can just
keep Chip Steen focused on making good grades!

Youth Group tonight was AWESOME!  I forgot to take my
camera, can you believe it?  So, I had to use a disposable camera,
which I will take and have pictures made from tomorrow.  I’ll post those soon.  The most amazing
thing was that one of the other youth leaders, my dear friend Bill, asked all of the youth to gather
around and pray for my head.  He didn’t ask for prayers for my brain or anything, just for my pain
and for what the doctors will do this week.  It really was the most wonderful thing!  I love being
with that group, and that just made it so much nicer!!

Have a great Monday–see you soon.

Oh, and to Beth, Julia Grace, Elizabeth, and Meghan….I looked for you,
but I couldn’t find you.  My heart was so full for you, and I’ll see you Tuesday. xoxo

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  1. me132 says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED seeing you tonight Mrs. Susan!!!!

    I hope everything goes great, and I will be praying for you!!!!

    p.s.- thanks for buying a car wash ticket!!

  2. aww i love chelsea thats soo sweet!


  3. Awwww, I was wondering when that was coming…. Hey, if you send me those two pictures, I can try and make a pretty picture out of them….


  4. Anonymous says:

    one of my friends from FL is going through the same thing, shes had it since november:-\

  5. oh goodness Mrs. Steen you know that i will be keeping him in line! haha you are so awesome!


  6. ME_KG says:

    it was good seeing you tonight!

  7. aw yaya thats my best friend!
    hehe.. i’m happy for them..

    hope all goes well with your surgery..
    at least i think thats whats going on?
    if i’m wrong please tell me..

    have a great week!
    <333- elizabeth

  8. how cute!!!! i love you mrs steen!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mrs. Steen that idea you had about that project sounded interesting,i’ll need some more information though,and i was also wondering if it would take 100 hours worth of planning and work to do it.(100 hours as in, if one kid does 2 hrs of work and 50 kids do the same that would be 100 hrs) but yes please give more info, because i’m desperate for a project, and i need to be sure that its not on private property because like you said liabilty.So thank you for the response and please tell me more= )

  10. mrs. steen, thanks for the pre-preformance talk you had with beth and i. you are truely a blessing and i love you so much! i’ll be praying for you this week!

  11. Aw Mrs. Steen- I will be praying for you this week, and keeping you son in line! <3 you lots! I was just wondering…how do you stay so positive and sweet and kind all the time?  Beth

  12. lol i have a good pic of both of us that robin lynch took of us today as my profile picture if you wanna stop by and steal it haha i love you Mrs. Steen!


  13. Mrs.Susan..
    thats so cute!!
    we are all praying for you.
    im so glad we got the group back together again!
    well i hope all goes well!!
    i love you!!

  14. Manda says:

    you are awesome-

    i hope i turn out to be as caring and loving a woman and mother as you are. your family is most definitely blessed.

    ps- i love chelsey too!

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey mrs. steen !!! aww .. that is soo sweet !! i have heard soo much about chelsea being soo nice  from the Guard girls !!! i dont get to see chip much now soo just tell him that i said “hey and that i am soooooo happy for him .. he really deserves chelsea !!  i love you mrs. steen  !!!   ~::*::beth::*::~

  16. Come see what I put on my site I love you!!


  17. you always make my day soo much better mrs. steen!! -megan-

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