Having a difficult march means being prepared to work hard to learn it.  I hope the band members who don’t know where to stand, namely those on the right outside line or two, will work to learn exactly what they need to know to present a polished show. It’s certainly not fair to those who are working to be in the right spot for others to be too stubborn to move.  So, you can probably guess that Siegel won tonight, but ony second place–not the coveted first place overall.  It’s ok, though, because the band who won presented an awesome show.  We weren’t wronged.  Even though our band didn’t win overall, our band did win—well two divisions of the band won!  The guard and the percussion both took Best of the Best, and it was well deserved.  They were AWESOME!!!  I felt so much pride watching the whole band, and even more when  the awards were given!  Oh, all that hard work is paying off. Way to go!!!



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  1. i cant believe that guard won… like the show was 100 times better than friday’s performance!!! but i have a feeling that we are goanna def. win overall band next competition!!! have a great day mrs susan!!!

  2. it just hurts knowing that you worked so hard for something, and it doesn’t even seem worth it. but we have something to work for. it just stinks because the senior class had won it EVERY year, but not our last.

    thanks, mrs. steen… you know, for everything.

  3. Sproing2535 says:

    when they called colorguard for winning best of the best…. i was SOOO surprised… anntte said we werent even ready to compete!! so i thought we had NO chance at winning!!! it was the greatest feeling knowing i was part of that… i helped us win…just an amazing feeling. i know there have been times where i was like why am i here, i hate this, or i cant do this, but i kept with it… and i see where i am now… im in a great guard that even though we knew we weren’t ready, we gave it our all, and won… ooh man… i cant even describe how i felt!!!!!! thanks for everything you do!!!! I love you mrs susan!!!

  4. Mrs. Steen!! Losing is NO fun….

    me and beth were looking for you, we needed somebody to cheer us up.

  5. I’m glad we got to change it up.

    Although, we did make a suicide pact regarding VMI… *winks*

  6. Mrs. Steen!  O I mean Mrs. Susan! Somehow I think you knew that this was comming for a long time, but hopefully this loss will be the catalyst that our band needs to win the next competition! I love you!

  7. i hope you feel better very soon mrs susan!

  8. i guess this gives the band even more motivation for next time.

    the show is very good this year and i loved watching it on friday at the game.

    i love the guard’s performance, it’s amazing.

    have a good week.


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