So, I’ve not been very diligent in updating the past week.  A couple of reasons. First, my head.  Oh, how it hurts.    As of tomorrow, it will have been officially three months with this horrid thing.  I don’t even know myself anymore.

The other reason for not updating is…I’ve been working on the band web page.  I’m so pumped about how it looks.  Check it out…  I mean, it’s not like my personal site, so I can’t glorify God in it like I do here, but I can ask Him to bless it and praise Him behind the scenes!  It will be great for people who don’t care to know about my personal life to be able to just get band information.

I’m off to Erma Siegel this morning for Speed and Read. 

Tonight’s the football game.             Tomorrow, FIRST CONTEST…..HENDERSONVILLE….SIEGEL WILL ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

An edit…I really need a thicker skin, don’t I?  My very cool site now looks more professional.  I have to remember that not everyone is looking for fun, some people simply want basics.  Couldn’t they just live a little?  I’ll just have to find another way to make the site a place the kids can see themselves and feel like the site belongs to them and is about them. 

Tonight’s game….Siegel had a big loss tonight.  What a letdown after such a great start!

I saw so many of my favorite friends tonight at the game.  Ashley, Melissa, Courtney…all made me smile.  Gosh, I forget that so many sweet faces are so wonderful for me! 

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  1. me132 says:

    i hope you feel better mrs susan!!!

    i miss seeing you around..

  2. LiLMiMi927 says:

    I love you! Your sooo sweet!

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