No pictures to post right now—shot video footage at practice on Tuesday. 
But I do have some thoughts to share, and I hope that it will cause either some
response from those reading and/or action from those reading…

Leadership, pride, and respect are words that seem to pop into my head over and
over when I think of the band.  The Section Leaders are just that…LEADERS.  Those
band members in any particular section should be listening to the section leader, treating
the section leader with respect, and even going to the section leader for help
Section leaders need to come down on those who choose to “laugh it off.”  You know
exactly what I mean.  Running laps may seem cruel and unusual, though not as much so as
scrubbing cubbies with a toothbrush , but it’s all part of the discipline of either doing your
job or having some consequences.  Section leaders, don’t be afraid to get serious with your
section members, but also be sure you are earning that respect–not just expecting it.

I’m most concerned about the fact that many people, mostly the newcomers, aren’t taking band
seriously.  When I hear that people are laughing or ignoring the command to focus, I know that
we could be in trouble at a contest.  Hendersonville is only two weeks away, and Newton the Eagle
doesn’t want to fly to anyone else’s school–but it’s up to all of you to work together to make our
show the best it can be.  If we lose a single contest, it should be because someone else was better
than our best, not because someone else was better than our laissez-faire approach.  We have a
legacy to protect and to continue to build.  It’s much easier to have fun out there if you’re doing
what you’re supposed to do.  Do your individual best!  Help others who need your help–you guys
are a team!  Lindsay and Jennifer are your leaders–listen to them.
Oh, to see those smiles again!!!  (I think this was in Georgia last year). 

All of that said, I love the band.  I adore most of you as individuals and am trying to get to know
the rest of you.  I’m almost always around, as are many of the other moms and dads.  We’re here
to cheer you on, lift you up, and remind you that YES, It’s worth it!!!  Enjoy your Wednesday. 
Thursday is practice, and Friday is an earlier game in Mt. Juliet. 

Happy Birthday Meghan!!  What could be more fun that having forty girls singing to you? 

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  1. POTCRoxMySox says:

    i know exactly what you mean mrs.steen. it’s almost like the discipline this year is lacking. i don’t know why but it just is. i want to yell at all the people who just sit there talking, or don’t pay attention, or don’t even try to do something better when someone else tells you to. it makes me want to scream, and yet i don’t know what to do….

    i kind of want hendersonville to be a wakeup call. yes i still want to win, but we’re missing something we had last year…

  2. thank you mrs. steen!  it WAS awesome . .. hee . see ya tm !

  3. oh gosh i totally agree with you Ms. Steen…our first competition is so close and we all need to start buckling down…well said.

    My birthday is in 10 days!!!! i am sooo excited! you saw my new car!! yay i will be 15 soon so i can drive it legally haha! it was great having you guys come so i could see chips wounded head haha you’re amazing!


  4. embolie13 says:

    i just love you mrs. susan!!!!!! i totally agree!!!! you’re amazing!!!!! <3<3 em

  5. Everyone does need to focus.


  6. So Mrs. Steen! Has the shock of last night worn off?  Well just needed to holla at you and say that you hit the nail on the head with your post, and some people, that I’m not gonna name names…JACOB think that just because we were good last year, it means that we can just goof off. Well, I see ya later! <3 ya lots!

  7. i focus as much as possible. i’m afraid of what would happen if i didnt. push ups and laps are great! they are way better than scrubbing cubbies with a toothbrush!

    have a nice day!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Band is amazing…I cant wait till Hendersonville…its going to be so much fun!! have a grrreat day!

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