Youth Group went to Citieswide on Sunday in Franklin.  It was ok–we’ve had better,
but the kids are so much fun to be with, it wouldn’t matter if we just sat around and looked at each other! 
Then, there’s my time with Audrey on Thursdays…which is about to come to an end because she’s
going to Mother’s Day Out!

After my day with Audrey, I went to the Siegel Middle Football game.  Parker played the bass drum most
of the time…
Lots of my younger friends were in playing in the band…including another EVANS!
Parker heard his name being called…where were those voices? 

It was the high school band members (mostly trumpet) taking a break during
practice.  Nothing like being noticed, huh?

All in all…a great day!  Melida and the kids got here late yesterday afternoon.  I took coffee
and cream down this morning early.  Just came back from taking a lighter and flashlight so she could
light the pilot light on the water heater on the house where they’re staying.  What a
joy to have them here, and how glad I am that they are safe.  So many storm victims to pray for, though. 

Siegel at Oakland tonight…see you there!

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  1. arine0312 says:

    it was good seeing you tonight!!! your awesome!

  2. ME_KG says:

    i saw you tonight! … and cute pictures!

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