A quick entry…We cleared almost $7,000 from items in the Silent Auction…$8,500 at the Pancake Breakfast/Silent Auction total.  Not bad for my first time doing something like this.  Of course, I had a wonderful role model in Peggy, an incredible helper in Kippy, and just all around great support from the band boosters and my family.  Bernie is the most supportive, loving, wonderful husband a girl could have.  I pray that God has placed that same thing in our boys’ hearts.  Some pictures from a rather sloppy night of band playing (that comes from the kids’ mouths) and movie night at our house–that’s what happens when everything not rated R is sold out.  Our house has an open door policy–no drugs, no alcohol, you’re always welcome to hang out. 


I know there are people who probably don’t like having their pictures taken, but for the most part,
this is one camera loving group of teens!
What an expressive group they are!         And some are just so gangsta!  

In case you didn’t know…that’s me!  I’m very tired, my hair is tired, too!  But, alas, my smile just won’t disappear…
I love being where I am.  God has allowed me so many happy times in all my joy!!



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  1. Sproing2535 says:

    MRS SUSAN!!… are you going to the first contest if we go?

  2. aww those are soo cute Mrs. Steen!!  -megan-

  3. POTCRoxMySox says:

    heehee i was hoping you’d take one of us playing like that. me and roya have too much fun!! thanks!

  4. embolie13 says:

    mrs. steen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love you oh so much!!! thanks a billion for letting us come over last night!!!! sorry i had to leave without saying bye but i remembered that i left my phone at the movies…but don’t worry me and beth garner found it!!!! whew!!! i just love you mrs. steen!!!! <3<3 em

  5. those pictures make me miss band.

    even though i haven’t played the flute in probably three years.

    i love all your pictures. <3

  6. haha i blinked in the “action shot” but that’s quite alright. Thank you for letting us come to your house!!!so nice!


  7. missbev says:

    Those are wonderful band pics……but better still, wonderful band memories! I remember the days when our house was the “hang-out” house. I’d hate to have to fill all those bottomless pits now…lol But the wonderful thing about having that open door policy is that you know where your kids are!

  8. dude im  so gansta!!!!

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