The Silent Auction/Pancake Breakfast isn’t far away…only a few days.  Are you ready to bid?  Are you ready to eat?  Please bring a friend and come support the band and the band boosters!  We have guitars, airline tickets, luggage, nail polish, silk flowers, movie baskets, gift certificates to all sorts of places, not to mention whatever neat baskets the sections have come up with!

Thank goodness it didn’t rain Tuesday…the band was able to practice marching.  See?

Hey, it’s GRACE!!!  Nice instruments, huh?                 Where should you be standing, Grace?  Adam, who are you laughing at? 
Never end a sentence with “at,” even though I just did.

Say what you want about kids today, but these are some of the most disciplined kids you’ll find.  Come to think of it, most of my
younger friends have their acts together pretty darn well!

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  1. we are disciplined, yes you could dsay that haha. Thank you so much Ms Steen for buying cookie dough from me!!!!


  2. *laughs*

    I’m actually right where I’m supposed to be. *grins* Yay for me.

    Those are my favourite instruments, by the way. *winks*

    Nah, it’s fun to march and play. Except when it’s hot. Then it just stinks.

  3. MAN youre AWESOME mrs steen! !  … just thought you should know .

  4. you know your my favorite person in the whole wide world!!!

  5. POTCRoxMySox says:

    lol charts are the BEST!!

    haha i think one time you need to get a picture of the kids in the back jazz running. i’m thinking it would be REALLY funny 🙂

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