No new pics today…only a half day of practice today.  Chip says high school is great.  Parker says middle school is great.  Life is great!

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  1. imforsqaures says:

    ahah life is great! so i come here, and there is sean knox looking at sky with sunglasses and no shirt. what a crazy kid.

    love you mrs.steen :]

  2. B1119Rad says:


     I talked to Brooke and she said that he isn’t doing any worse, and that he just needed new medicine and he might come home today.


  3. carrie665 says:

    chip is in my history class.

  4. Mrs. Steen you r my hero!!! You are always their at the practices to cheer us up(and let us watch you embarrass  Chip a little)lol!!! Im so glad you are always their to support us!!!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Mrs.Steen!!!


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