Michael Royer, thanks for taking some shots for me.  They aren’t half bad!  It’s a different view from the ones I usually give…


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  1. ME_KG says:

    it looks hot outside in those pictures!

  2. minimike says:

    those are some goooooood pictures!!!

  3. Mrs. Steen! You are so sweet to me and I just don’t know why. But I do know that you are really awesome!

  4. and these pictures prove the reason i didn’t continue band. more than one hour in the sun for me, and i’d pass out.

  5. B1119Rad says:

    Miss susan,
      Parker got to come home to day, but unfortunatly it was only for a little while. I talked to Brooke and she said that he start to throw up and his dad got him his medicine, and he took it, but he kept “getting sick” so they called the doctor and he is back at the ER, i’ll give you more updates when Brooke calls me back, please keep up the prayers


  6. Anonymous says:

    hey, I love the pictures! I’ll cya soon (by the way, this is my new xanga) -Erin

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