Parker Caskey is in ICU at Vanderbilt.  With broken ribs, an injured spleen and kidney, he is alive.  Praise God that his life has been spared.  Is there a lesson to learn in all of this?  Maybe to value your friends.  May God help each of us to appreciate the people we love.  May we live life to the fullest but with a sense of safety.  Lord, I thank you for every friend who has so affected my life–my young friends, my old friends, my ageless friends.  I am blessed.

Please pray…a friend of ours, Parker, (not my Parker) has been in an accident at the lake.  At this time all we know is that he has been life-flighted to Vanderbilt.  Pray with me, please.  Father, you are our sovereign Lord. You are mightier than any storm, any accident, any injury, any fear.  Please, dear God, even now heal any wounds on Parker’s body.  Bring a sense of calm to his family and friends who are full of worry right now.  He is your child, full of hope for a bright future.  May the tragedy being felt right now become glory to you and hope for new day for Parker.  I praise you, Father, that there is nothing I can’t ask of you.  If it is your will, I know that you will bring it to pass.  Thank you for promising that through Jesus we can have a full life, here and eternally.  I pray that Parker’s friends will rally around him, that their voices will be raised in prayer to you, as they rediscover the hope that is only in you, our Savior.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen

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  1. hey! you know a couple of my friends down there in the band/colorguard

    hah.. anyway! i was just wondering what parkers last name was?
    if you cant tell me thats fine


  2. oh by the way i LOVE this song

  3. thank you so much! i actually know who he is.. well i know of him.. so i definitely will be praying

  4. oh & i am friends with chelsey duke (shes my best friend actually hah) & emily lupoli & elizabeth miller & melissa mitchell & allie aiken & penny rabon from guard (basically i know all of siegels guard from chelsey ha)..
    & i know mady robertson & kathryn-claire watts from band..

    i know alot more i just can’t think to list them all right now.. heh

  5. i will definately be praying for him and his family…you’re awesome ms. steen


  6. Sproing2535 says:

    thats terrible… he lives like a few streets away… omg.. i cant even imagine

  7. Anonymous says:

    how horrible–it hits so close

  8. Thanks Mrs. Steen
    His mom says he might have to have surgery on his kidney but his spleen is ok and he can move both his legs and arms. We’ll no whether or not he has to have surgery tomorrow morning. They said he’ll be there for around 2 weeks. He was joking around with us when I got to see him so thats always a good thing. I’ll update you tomorrow.

  9. B1119Rad says:

    Kelsi’s mom is up there and kelsi said that he isnt goin to have to have surgery after all

    thanks miss susan


  10. Mrs. Steen!! I just love you soooo much!!


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