This is the way we march…                                                              Are those straight lines or what?

Mrs. Willoughby spent a lot of time measuring for uniforms…don’t forget to get your uniform!!!   And now the different sections…






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  1. aw thanks Mrs Steen. Hope Chip is having fun with band camp. It looks reallyyyy hot out there.

    Jes =)

  2. RaChEl_SiTe says:

    Mrs. Steen!  I love you song too!! lol that was to funny.  Well i guess ill see u today! have a great day!


  3. hello mrs. susan some of my friends are in the pictures above..great pictures..hope you are having a good summer

  4. awe joseph is the only guy in flutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv ya!,


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