Where is God trying to speak to you?  Teresa of Avila said, “God appeals to us through other good people, through sermons, or through the reading of good books.  Sometimes he cals through our sicknesses and our trials as he bids us to pray.  However feeble such prayers may be, God values them highly.”  Oh, please, sweet friend, listen to Him, listen for His Word to you today.  I pray that you will hear His voice in a fresh way today.  Live Large For the Lord (LLFL), and let Him live in and through you!!

It has occurred to me that a road trip will be in the youth group’s future–distant future.  When Joe is ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament, we can travel to celebrate the day with him.  That will be a glorious day!!

Here’s a picture from a couple of years ago–I figure the beach must not be in our plans for a while, so here is our happy memory. 

Have a great week, and LLFL!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    haha, yes! im having the best time! we’re about to go shopping then off to the beach and out to eat

    i can finally hear your song! its adorable!

  2. omg!!

    just found yur site and i thought i would say hey

    i miss everybody sooo much

    in case u didnt know i moved to georgia……..

    welllll i hope to talk to u later


  3. MRS.SUSAN!!
    yes we are defenitely going to take a road trip!! ROAD TRIP!! ROAD TRIP!! lol
    <3333 Morgan

  4.    hello mrs. susan my grandmother is back at home she is doing not so well we took her some roses this morning she can barely talk grandad got a doctors appointment cuz he hopes he hasnt caught it but hes been coughing to hopefully not i agree with morgan we will be going on a road trip so ill talk to u later



  5. whos gonna be our youth person now?

  6. Anonymous says:

    tanx mrs. steen , i am very excited about it , i was scared about it but i am glad that i did!well hav a great rest of summer!!!

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