Joy doesn’t always mean happy.  Joe is leaving us.  I feel great joy for what he is doing, but I am not happy that he’s leaving us.  That’s why Scripture tells us to be joyful  in all circumstances–because God is working in whatever it is.  He is good!  Joe is our director of Youth Ministry, if you have no idea what this is all about, and he’s loved being with the kids so much that he’s going into seminary to be an ordained minister.  Isn’t that just the coolest?!  It’s going to be hard not having him here—so many of the kids have gotten so close to him.  But God has the big picture under control, and there is someone already chosen by God to come here–we just have to find him, or her.  Please be praying for Joe and Kelly–that they will continue to walk with God together, amid whatever trials and struggles may come their way in the coming years.  What a blessing he has been, they have been, to our church.

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  1. ME_KG says:

    i know…. i cant believe that joe is leaving… its sad!

  2. : ( i cant believe he’s leaving!!!

  3.     awww i think we will all miss joe but we will be a good minister good luck joe 

  4. me132 says:

    i think we can all agree that we are gonna be sad when he leaves.

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