Life has just been so busy—has it for you, too?  Chip and Parker had a great time at The Great Escape. 
Here’s the group before they left.

 Joe shaved Chip’s head…into a mohawk!  Actually, the mohawk was gone by the time he came home, thank the Lord!


 Everyone here is doing great.  I’m on my way to our Beth Moore study–it’s been wonderful!  This week was all about joy.  You know, you can be happy and not have joy, and you can be unhappy but still have joy.  Only with God can life be like that!  Anyway, I’ll have to type more later, but for now , I have to get moving—yes, my coffee just finished brewing.  Audrey’s coming to play later today, so I’ll take more pics of her, I’m sure.


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  1. Hi Mrs. Steen i loved chips hair like it was it was a great style for him we were tryin to get brad to do his but he wouldnt i love your xanga its cool ill talk to you later

                                                                            Jannie Luster

  2. Hey Mrs. Steen! Thanks for the comment you left on my site! Oh, you’re probably wondering how I know you. I went to Erma Siegel from first up to sixth grade, so I have seen ya around. Well, thanks again for the comment! Jesus loves you! <>< Jenna ><>

  3. hahahhahah chip looks so funny!!! Hope ur summer is going great!!! just thought i would stop by an say HEY!! haha



  4. hahahahha!!chip with a mohawk!thats so funny!haha me and lauren had a great time a few days ago and yep im getting more sleep because ive really needed it!how are things going?oh and i was wondering about the bible study you are doing for the teenage told me about it about two weeks ago i think!well i love you Mrs. Steen!your awesome!we need to talk again we havent in a while!

  5. mackenziem says:

    i havnt talked to u in a LONG time! how are you doing? wow! ms steen God is so good!!he has truly answered my prayers! my dad is filled with joy now, hes taking everything one day at a time and hes looking at the positive and hes becoming my friend again and not just my dad! it was so hard not getting along with him everysingle day and now we havnt foought in a really long time i dont even remember when we did, hes stilll working with his brothers construction company but trying to find the positive! knowing that a better job will come along, and if hes ment to work with his brother then thats becoming okay with him! im SO blessed to have all that i do have and im realizing that more and more each day! hope everything is going well with u and ur family!! God bless,


    (ps– florida was beautiful my mom n dad havnt been to tha beach since 2001 because we couldnt afford it when my dad lost his job and they really enjoyed it, my dad went out and read the bible and did his morning devotions on tha beach and it was really nice he said he didnt realize how much he needed a vacation to get away from everything……and there was no sharks!)

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