My mother’s birthday was so very nice!  I think she really enjoyed being here and doing the fun things we did.  We had a Luncheon Tea at Simple Pleasures on Thursday and a “Spa Day” on Friday.  I ended up with a migraine on Saturday, so that sweet hubby of mine took Mother home.  My head is finally feeling better—four days this thing lasted.  Yuck!

The boys left this afternoon for The Great Escape—a church-related camp in Cleveland, Tennessee.  I think all of the kdis will have a grand time!  Bernie and I enjoyed a dinner of grilled chicken and wild rice.  No kids—kind of sad!  It’s a good thing we enjoy being together.  We gave Bernie a Satellite Radio for Father’s Day, so he’s enjoying checking out the different stations—over 120!!!

Oh, Did I mention that Bernie has purchased his first Gretsch?  Here he is with it…

I had some sweet visitors today–Courtney, Melissa, Kallie, and Emily (their driver) stopped by this afternoon.  What a nice break from cleaning!  I’m so excited that three of the four will be at Fun in the Son in July with me!  Maybe we could convince Kallie to go, too!!

 It’s been a great few days, but please pray for Natalee Holloway’s family.  I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling right now.  Also, pray for our friend, Vance, who is having a lot of pain in his back.  Thanks.



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  1. i was goanna go to fun in the son… but i have other things that im doing!!! have a great summer!!! see you soon!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    !!!i want that little kitten! its adorable!!!
    i cant wait until FITS!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey miss steen ummmm why dont you visit my site its red_bull_boy0007 so yeahh umm bye

  4. Anonymous says:

    i went out to eat last night and my mom had to pay for it. so im on like..double duty earning money now
    ahhh..i only have about 873541468 more windows to wash, and a yard to mow and weedeat, and 2 books to read.
    but i finished one book last night

  5. hey Mrs. Steen!! hope your havin an awesome summer!!

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