Rain, rain, go away.  Come again another day.  It’s raining,
it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  The rhymes could go on and
on, but you get the idea, don’t you?  We’ve needed the rain badly,
but it would be nice to have some dry air for a day or two. 
We celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary last night.  While we
had planned to celebrate by ourselves, we opted to spend the evening
helping a friend celebrate his 40th birthday.  The theme was
“Survivor.”  My tribe was the orange tribe, Bernie’s was the
blue/turquoise tribe.  Our tribe won.  Here are some

We had a great time…Happy 40th, Greg!
Are you wondering about Felix, Liza, and Sandie?  Sandie and Felix
get along very well, but Liza and Felix…that’s another story.

Sandie and Felix napping together on the couch…can you see Felix behind Sandie? 

Liza has tried to take over Felix’s kitty condo…I’ll give you one
guess what happens when Felix tries to look in the cubby hole…grrr!

Chip is at Andrew’s…Austin is here with Parker…Wednesday, I’m going
to pick up my mom and bring her here for the rest of the week…she’s
going to celebrate with us that she’s turning 70…isn’t that
amazing?  We’re all so excited that she’s coming!  The Beth
Moore study is going well…the crowd is smaller than I had hoped, but
I trust God to bring the women who need to be there. 

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  1. yes the rain should go away and come again when colorguard ends!! hope your having a great summer mrs susan!!! <3 annie

  2. carrie665 says:

    i’m kinda likin the rain. it’s alot diffrent than the 100 degree mexico/texas weather i was in last week. i wouldn’t mind a little sun though.

  3. lilfiz35 says:

    Is this your new hair-do?  Did they just paint your head red?  I’ll see you soon…….Charlie

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey!! Looks like yall had fun!! I agree the rain does need to go away!! lol Well have a fabulous summer!! TTYL!!


  5. Aww looks like yall had a blast! yea i agree the rain should leeve just checkin up on how ya’lls summer has been! looks like its been good! hope it continues smoothly!

    <33 -Julie Kate

  6. Anonymous says:

    aww thank you mrs.steen for the comment !! your soooo sweet !! and can you believe it…its not raining right now !! im sooo happy ..i think that i am going swimmin in a second !! i love the summer !! its sooo great to be out of middle school knowing that your going to highschool !! lol well i hope to see you soon !! love yah !!


  7. in flordia it was raining like crazy for the first few days of beeing here but now its great!i finally got my internet hooked up here so i get to go to you and everyone elses xanga now yayaya!happy anniversary!thats so creative with the survivor thing!congratulations on winning!your an amazing person Mrs.Steen!im so happy that i have someone to talk to when i need it you are a gift from God!love always


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