My laptop crashed, so I’ve finally sat down long enough at the desk to type on the big computer.  I miss having my computer, and I’m just about convinced that paper and pen or pencil is the way to do things.  The only thing that can happen to them is they get thrown away or chewed up by an animal.  Losing the entire hard drive is the pits.

Felix and Sandie are getting along really well, but I can’t say the same for Felix and Liza.  Time will help, I’m sure.  Can you see Felix sleeping behind Sandie on the couch?  Too funny!

Chip went to the orthodontist today, and there was no mention of braces coming off.  If he doesn’t wear his bands, he may have braces when he graduates from high school!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    aww mrs. steen !! that picture is toooo cute !! i wish that we had a dog !!!! and about chips braces, … till he graduates from highschool ?!?!?! WOW !! long time !! well i hope that you have a fabulous summer !! and maybe ill see you sometime this summer !! i love yah !!!!                   ~::*::beth::*::~

  2. i got braces

    there not fun

    i love ya


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