School is finally out for summer.  I cried like a baby when I told some of my elementary friends good-bye.  What an awesome part of my life, and our family’s life, ESE has been.  Movin’ on…

The Beth Moore study yesterday brought in ten women.  I don’t know that all of them will continue, but that’s God’s area of expertise, and I’m leaving it to him.  Maybe we’ll have some women who missed the intro, but who want to start coming next week.  I’m praying, and I’ll just wait to see what awesome things happen here.

Sandie got her summer cut yesterday.  I’ll post a picture later—she looks like a yellow lab with a bushy tail!  She’s so pretty!

Audrey is probably going to hang with us for a while today.  Chip and Parker were up way too late last night, so they probably will be taking a break from XBox today.  Oh well….

Have a great Friday!

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  1. hey mrs.steen!i still remember when you were at ESE when i was there!your such a great person you dont even know!your second mom lol!i love you!*God bless*


  2. hey mrs.steen! ill miss ese too. its been there my entire school life. its kinda sad to go.


    ps i cried too

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