Finally, this week is over.  It was such hard work to get the video together, but I was SO pleased with it, and I think the 6th graders LOVED seeing themselves in younger days.  That’s why it’s worth it to work hard at something—when the results bring joy for so many others. 

After 6th Grade Recognition (Graduation)…I went to Bob Hornsby’s funeral.  It was really very nice.  At the end, his brother (Nicarauga Young Life) stood to give the benediction and said the family wanted it to be responsive.  So, he asked us a lot of “thought” questions, to which we were to answer “Amen.”  By the end, we were to hug the person beside us and tell them that we love them with the love of Jesus.  Kay and Bernie were my huggers, and I do love them both very much, with the love that Jesus Christ has given me. 

After the service, the lunch bunch met at Puleo’s for Happy Hour with Melida.  Of course, we are responsible drinkers and no one had more than two drinks. (Always drink responsibly.  Eat when you drink.  Never drive when you’ve had too much to drink—better yet, never drive when you’ve been drinking.  And for kids under the age of 21, wait to drink!) 

Here are pics from the day…

Parker with his friend Garrett.                        Parker with Ms. Stamps…she was Chip’s teacher, too.  AND she’s getting married to a wonderful fellow in a week! 
The Lunch Bunch…Martha, Clydell, Katherine, Sandy, Kay, Melida, and ME!  The PFFC will have to stand for the Pink Flip Flop Club—instead of Pink Flowered Flip-flop Club…not enough flowers!  We have so much fun being together.  Our waitress, Kirsten, was WONDERFUL and said she wants to be just like us! 

Thanks, God, for a day full of joy.  You never let me down when I allow you to take the lead.

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  1. cheerdoll426 says:

    Hey mrs steen yeah i was ok w/ audrey b/c all that she did was watch tv and then she got sleepy so she went down for a nap and then she was sleeping the rest of the time!! so that was very easy!! lol well cya later

    ~* <3 Amy<3 *~

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey… Ms. Stamps was my sixth grade teacher!

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