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  1. MeLeeSa523 says:


  2. ME_KG says:

    yes… happy birthday to melissa!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for comning to see us at the playground!

    you are like..the coolest mom ever

  4. mackenziem says:

    hey ms steen!

    i ust to b REALLY close to God, and ive realized ive gotten farther from him, i was wondering if u could help my cuz i want to b really close to him again and i jus dont kno how…..

    thanx a million and God bless,


  5. hey this is shelby walker Amy’s friend i thought i would leave ya a comment

    luv ya!!


  6. hey mrs steen!!

              Yeah my year has been well pretty good school wise : \….Yeah ive bee pretty busy with cheer and all but not as much now that im through im so ready for summer! *MeAgHaN*

  7. Hey Mrs.Steen!

           I love your xanga! Thanks for sharing! Tell Sandy hi if you get a chance!

                                                     LOL (lots of love),


  8. mackenziem says:

    id love to go out to lunch wiht u this summer! ill comment u wen i return from my trip! thanx for everything!

    God bless,


  9. hey mrs.steen!im kinda having the same problem as Mackenzie..im not as close to God as i used to be..and i really should be .. but i am really glad i got to see you last Friday! that was great!well i hope you have a great summer..i cant believe im in highschool!

    love always,


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