Well, UNC and Kentucky are both out…bummer.  This has been the best tourney I’ve watched in years, though. 
I’m going to help my mom pack some things up today.  I’m very
excited that God is allowing us this time together.  I just keep
praying, “God, let us step as you move our feet and not as we might try
to go our own direction.”  Never do I want to step without Him.

Chelsey and the other Choir members are back from TheBig Apple–wonder how many of them will be on Broadway some day… 

Get out your longjohns, it’s gonna be cold!  Happy Spring.

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  1. Hey Sis!!  do you know what yesterday was?  It is 5 MONTHS til our birthday!!!  My prayer for DC is that the kids will see just a teeny bit of what was sacrificed during the building of this country.  What an honor to have the ability to visit our Nation’s Capital.  I am SO excited!!  I’m taking tissues b/c I KNOW I’ll get emotional.  🙂

  2. happy spring mrs. steen!


    cold is sad

    i can’t wait for summer

  4. i got a new xanga!!

    i love you

    <33 olivia

  5. Well, I’m not sure what we can do, but it needs to be something fun!  Like have a party at band practice?  our b’day is on a sunday, so we’d have to celebrate one day during the week for that, but I’ve always been in favor of a birthweek rather than just a day.  I mean it’s the day we were born!!  we should get a whole week!!

    I own a handgun and have been through a hunter’s safety course with my boys.  I don’t hunt, but I do enjoy going to On Target and shooting my 38.  I also like to shoot skeet and I LOVE shooting a rifle with a scope.  That’s what I’m really good at.  I’m not really good at the handgun or the shotgun, but it’s still fun. 

    2 more days til spring break!!  😉

  6. the in betweens are always best. i do love spring except the unexpected rain sometimes

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