Interesting when you read the Xangas that come into your mailbox in the
morning, and one of them has a comment from someone where a guy is
asking your son’s girlfriend if she and your son are still going out…  What a
way to start the morning. 
Actually, that’s not how the morning started.  It started with my
finding out that I need to be praying for my friend’s young daughter,
Julia.  Oh, it just makes me sad when kids are the ones who are
sick.  It’s hard enough when the adults I know are sick, but
kids…that’s a tough one.  So, please, pray that God will show
the doctors exactly what they need to see.  No, it’s not Julia
Actually, that’s not how the morning started, either.  It started
much earlier, like 3:30.  I’m doing a liver/gall bladder
cleanse.  Chelsey and Emily are probably going to crack up when
they read this, because they’ll know why I was up.  It’s pretty
amazing, though, I have to say. 
So, yesterday, Parker and I went to KFC for lunch, then we drove to the
Evans’ house to get Julia Grace’s fabric from her formal gown. 
Then, we met Chip, Chelsey, and Daniel at the tuxedo shop to take care
of getting Chip fitted (if that’s the right word) for a tux–black tux,
black shirt, black vest, turquoise tie to match her dress.  It’s
gonna look great. 
Thursday night, Chip and I went to David Lipscomb to watch/hear the Mid-State Choirs.  We saw lots of people we love…



I love Chelsey’s laugh!

And of course, there was Olive Garden after the concert…

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  1. drama drama drama…

    i love you so very, very much.

  2. this weekend has been so much fun! Thank you for coming to my concert, again!! lol i will see you tonight!


  3. Manda says:

    AWWW those two are ADORABLE!!

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