Siegel Nation looks like this, only multiplied by a couple of hundred.

Bernie has some great cheers he could teach them.  They
could use some new, fun cheers.  He could get them into
trouble, too, though.  Maybe he should stay in the adult
section.  He gets into trouble there, too, sometimes. 
Adults are just bigger kids, you know. 🙂

The game last night was amazing.  I just am in awe of the way the kids
today play ball–the boys and the girls.  Right now, they play because
they love it.  They play for free.  Someday, some of them might play
because they’ll get paid.  I fear that’s when the love of the game leaves.
Whenever money gets involved, it changes everything.  Heck, why
do you think I’m such a great volunteer?  Really!  Yes, money is necessary
for life–to pay bills, but do things you love sometimes just because you
love doing them.  That way, you can be sure your heart is in it.  The hearts
of every boy and girl playing ball last night were in those games.  They
were extraordinary ball players.  Thanks for two great shows.

I met Elizabeth for the first time yesterday.  My sweet Taylor helped me out
in a pinch, so I didn’t have to make a second trip out yesterday.  My mother
came up for Chip’s concert on Monday night (which was an outstanding
concert, all you band people!!!!)  Yes, it’s been a wonderful week, and today
is only Wednesday!  Tomorrow, is my friend Melanie’s birthday, and I’m going
to take her to lunch, unless she’s made other plans.  It’s also Jennifer’s, Ragen’s,
and Mary Nell’s birthdays.  And, of course, you know, tomorrow is GROUND

Have a splendiferous day!

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  1. hah yep you did meet me yesterday! its pretty funny that we spotted each other out like that!
    & yes the game last night was pretty awesome.. i had fun!

    have a good evening!

  2. Cathy811 says:

    Thank you VERY much, Mrs. Steen, for helping to get my ticket! You saved Mrs. Milley another trip to Oakland.  =) You are amazing!

  3. me132 says:

    yep, i’m always there to help you out : )
    it was fun seeing you at oakland tues..
    hope to see you sunday!!

  4. i am stealing your new spendorifous word!


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