Today is picture day….last night was the Chili Cook-Off, Brownie Bake-Off, Talent Show at Church.  It was loads of fun, and I’m only hoping that my youth group appreciates the sacrifice of dignity this forty-something has made out of love for them.  I do love them…all of them! Especially, I love Chris and Andrew.  They’ll graduate in May, and then what’ll we do without them and their wonderful leadership skills?  I doubt they read these things, so I’m safe with whatever I say or show!

Chelsey came with us…I knew Chip would be thrilled to have her along,
and she loves a good laugh!  She gets lots of “girl” time, so we were glad
to get her for an afternoon.

Then, there’s our act…The Christ Girls–kind of like the Spice Girls, only more Christ-like!  Kate, Emily, Ali, Ginny, and guess who? 

Then there’s the Chris with no hair..ta da, Chris with gobs of hair!!! 

Ready or not, the camera is taking pictures..              That’s much nicer!

Lots of pretty friends….

Then, of course, we were the finale…I should have been called Granny Spice, but they had “Baby Ruth”
on my headband.  My housecoat, sleep bonnet, and slippers look much like those of someone I love very
much, but these were supposed to be funny!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!  Hope you were surprised.

Can’t leave out the love of my life…second from the right.  He’s just so good!

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  1. those are good pictures!!  speaking of pictures… sorry about my dad!  i love you!!

  2. oh mrs. steen i had alot of fun that night! And you and Mr. B were fantastic. I hope you have a great day!


  3. MELSA123 says:

    i love you miss susan!

    you are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

    : )

  4. hey mrs steen
    how are you
    well im good hope you have a great week
    see you tommarrow
    love sara

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