So, Chip had a big bag of blue paintballs. (That’s why I’m using lovely blue on the background today).  He and Jacob swept in after the game last night to get his stuff to spend the night at Daniel’s–seems they think they’re always over here and should stay somewhere else for a change.  So, Chip took most of his paintball gear with him, except for the paintballs.  He game back this morning to pick up Parker and the rest of his stuff, and discovered there were no paintballs.  Of course, he accused Parker immediately of using up his paintballs, a charge which Parker and I both vehemently opposed.  So, where were they then?  Chip and Jacob scoured the garage, while Bernie and I looked inside.  No paintballs.  Then, Bernie said, “Did you pick up throw away that trash bag by the back door?  I had stuck an empty plastic bag in there that looked like the bag the paintballs came in.”  So, he found the trash bag and then the empty bag, and yes, it did look like the paintball bag.  Hmmm…it was full of balls when we went to bed…empty now…Oh, no, it couldn’t be…I ran to the front yard and there it was…a big pile of blue dog poop where Sandy had gone this morning.  She had eaten around 400 blue paintballs last night!!  I guess they aren’t toxic–she’s still alive.  They must be tasty to dogs because she keeps going back to where they were and sniffing like she’s hungry.  (An expensive snack)!  Chip wants me to reimburse him for the paintballs she ate…go figure!

That was the excitement here for the day.  I watched some Rachel Ray this morning and was inspired to once again be a better cook for my family.  Bernie says I’m a food tease–I watch the shows, buy the ingredients so he’ll think he’s going to get these really great meals, and then I fix the same old things I’ve always fixed, letting the new stuff go to waste in the process.  I think I’ll do well this time, though.  I’m going to go to early service tomorrow so that I can come home and fix a nice lunch.  Yes, I have such a great plan…maybe it will work!

I’m sleepy, so I’ll head to bed.  Did you have a glorious day?  Oh, I do have to share something.  I was at a business I frequent, and the girl said, “Mrs. Steen, you’re always so joyful.  Why, just the other day when you left one of the girls said, ‘I want whatever she’s taking.  She’s always so happy.'”  I thought, honey, it’s the joy of the Lord, and it’s yours for the taking!  I didn’t just think it–I said it, along with some other things, like there are times my family probably doesn’t think I’m very joyful.  But, you know, it’s our choice–we can be joyful or we can be grouchy.  Just because I’m joyful doesn’t mean things are always great–many times they are just the opposite.  But I have the most wonderful assurance of salvation and the a promise of God’s presence no matter what things are like.  Everyone else can have the same joy–isn’t that amazing!!!

Oh, good night.

Thought for the day…If you’re a Tennessee fan, don’t let your dog eat blue paintballs.  It’s a good thing we love Kentucky!

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  1. HEY MRS steen!!

    yeah well did daniel tell u about his dog eating the paintball too?

    cuz its pretty amazing what dogs will eat and like and eat some more

    <3LaUrEn elaine*

  2. hahahahaha that is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard!!!

  3. *chuckles* Very impressive.

  4. hahahahaha that last statement has me cracking up! My dog got into our crayon box when my brother and i were little and ate about half of them…we had multi-colored dog poop lol just thought i would share that with you. Maybe you got a laugh out of it =] I guess i will be seeing you later today!


  5. Athena8908 says:

    Wow, I think my dog ate orange crayons one time….

    and, I love watching Rachel Ray! That’s one of my favorite shows on Food Network!

    well, mrs.steen, it was great to see you again at the game!

  6. JessSwimAlot says:


    My mom and I were talking about xanga tonight and i said “well you know there is a mom from seigel who has one.” and turns out… she knows you! My mom is Tammy Hoaglin, in your thursday morning bible class. We thought it was so crazy and ironic, because ever sense i found your site a few months ago i read it all the time.   <3-Jessie

  7. mrs. steen that is the funniest thing i have ever heard!! i just LOVE you!!

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