A Break

What joy to finally have a break from the normal everyday routine.  I think it will really hit when Monday morning gets here, though, and we don’t have to get up for school.  Yeah, that will be nice. I’ve been sick today–on the couch all day.  Thank goodness for basketball tonight.  We watched LSU win their game and are now cheering Memphis on against UCLA.  Wouldn’t it be the greatest thing to have a Tennessee team in the Final Four?  Oh, that would be pretty sweet.

Youth group girls are planning to go to Starbucks tomorrow at 4:30–we’ll have Highs/Lows for all of you who are pumped up and ready to share (Melissa).  Can’t wait!  Hope I feel better by then. 

3 Responses to “A Break”

  1. Mrs. Steen! i absolutely love you and hope that you get to feeling better!


  2. i hope you feel better mrs. steen! i love you!

  3. that break idea sounds like a good one.  don’t think the school board would go for it though.  i hope that you are feeling better!

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